All You Need to Know About Mr. and Mrs. Quiz for Your Hong Kong Bridal Shower

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Are you planning a bridal shower in Hong Kong and looking for some fun and interactive games to play? Look no further than the popular Mr. and Mrs. quiz! This game is a great way to get your guests laughing and learning more about the happy couple. Whether you're the maid of honor, a bridesmaid, or just a friend of the bride, this game is sure to be a hit at any bridal shower.

In this article, we'll dive into all you need to know about the Mr. quiz, from its origins to how to play. We'll also provide some tips and tricks for making this game even more entertaining for everyone involved. So, if you're ready to have a blast at your next bridal shower, keep reading!When it comes to Mr.

Quiz, the decorations can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be. Some popular ideas include using the couple's initials or wedding date as a motif, incorporating their favorite colors or flowers, or even creating a photo booth with fun props related to the game. As for games, there are many variations of Mr. Quiz that you can play, from traditional question and answer sessions to more interactive activities like having guests act out scenes from the couple's love story.


When it comes to invitations, keep in mind that the main purpose is to inform guests about the date, time, and location of the bridal shower. However, you can also use this opportunity to give them a sneak peek of the Mr.

Quiz game by including a trivia question about the couple on the invitation.

Venues and Themes

The venue and theme of your bridal shower can also tie in with the Mr. Quiz game. For example, if the couple loves the outdoors, you can host the shower at a park or garden and have a nature-themed quiz. Or, if they are foodies, you can have a cooking-themed shower and include food-related questions in the game.

Etiquette and Traditions

As with any event, there are certain etiquette and traditions that should be followed for a Hong Kong bridal shower.

For example, it is customary for the bride's mother to host the shower, but nowadays it is also acceptable for friends or other family members to plan it. Additionally, guests should RSVP in a timely manner and bring a small gift for the bride-to-be.


Traditionally, bridal shower gifts are meant to help the couple set up their new home together. However, with Mr. Quiz, you can get creative and ask guests to bring gifts that are related to the game.

For example, guests can bring items that represent their answers to the trivia questions or gifts that start with the same letter as the couple's names. In conclusion, Mr. Quiz is a fun and interactive game that is perfect for any Hong Kong bridal shower. With these ideas and tips, you can plan a memorable and entertaining event for the bride-to-be and her guests. Remember to personalize the game to fit the couple's personalities and interests, and have fun!.

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